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Door Control Unit   Control up to 999 doors!
Transmitter description:
- functions: Open, Close, Stop.
- size: (2.7 by 5.1)" by 1 inch depth
- range: 300 feet
Receiver description:
- power (12-24)V or 120V
- relay outputs: open, close, stop

Hand-Held Industrial Control
Our best standard product yet. Many great ideas have been implemented into this product that fits the stringent durability and performance requirements of daily use for industrial remote control applications. We make it easy for you to install, call and ask about what makes our radio systems easy to install and user friendly to operate.
Typical Range: 300 feet
Sizes: 2.5" width, 1.25" depth, Lengths: (5, 7, 9) inches
Gasket sealed to nema 4X waterproof rating
Buttons: 1 and 2 speed control standard
- for up to 5 speed control, see Beli-Pak and Pendant models

Beli-Pak Units
Functions: Paddle levers, joysticks, toggle switches, pushbuttons
Display: LCD digital shows battery strength and diagnostics
Gasket sealed to nema 4X waterproof rating
Typical Range: 300 feet

Pendant Transmitter Units
- this transmitter is most similar to that of a corded pendant,
  BUT it's a wireless RF transmitter unit !
- available with up to 5 speed points,
- therefore this pendant style transmitter can do the job of a Beli-Pak
  in an easier to handle more ergonomic package
- can be programmed as variable speed controller
- Push Buttons available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Multi Function, with Digital Display and 18 pB's
This multi function unit has proved to be one of the industries most versatile industrial transmitter units. With up to 18 buttons, and ten of them being two-step function, there are limitless applications for this unit. There is an LCD digital display to show diagnostics, and battery strength. The LCD also verifies when functions are pressed and receiver units are selected offering an operator visual confirmation of selections being made.

Receiver Units
After considering the type of your outputs along with your control circuit
voltage the receiver selection is made from these options:

Long Distance RF Unit
Used in the material handling industry to Remotely Call AGV
units to operators work stations. Two way RF to acknowledge
the CALL request and to display status of AGV In-Route.
- typical controls: Call, Release, Start, Index, Aux.
- size: (3x6)", 1" depth
- range: 1,000 feet


Controls Communication

Controls Communications Short Range RF
Modules available:
- Power Supply
- Relay Output
- Analog Output
Diagnostics: LED indicators
Wiring: plug-in terminal strips
Size, per module: (1 by 3.6)" by 4.5 inch depth
Wireless Communication Range : up to 500 feet

Long Range RF Controls Communication
Input-Output Communicator, the "IO Com"
Inputs: 8 inputs for voltages of (12-24)V or 120Vac
Outputs: 8 relays, volt free, 120V/8A rating
Diagnostics: twenty LED indicators lights
Wiring: internal terminal strips
Size: (4.6x4.8), by 2.5 depth, inches
RF power: one watt, FCC part 15 preapproved frequency hopper
Range: up to 10 miles dependent upon environment,
            antenna selection, and line of sight

Long Range, hand held controller
- up to 2 miles line of sight range
- up to four pushbuttons to control 4 relays,
  available as a 2 or 4 button model
- compact size, 2.5" x 5.5", x 1.3", with 7" antenna
- loop response time of 500 mS
- powered by 9V alkaline batteries
- RF output power : 2 Watts

Voltage Inverters: DC to AC
- most popular: 250 Volt DC to 115VAC
- Pure Sinewave Inverter
- compact size, 60Hz output, low ripple
- full electronic protection
- DC Input voltages: 12, 24, 48, 125, 270
- AC outputs: 115, 230
- Capacity: models are available with
  output power from 300 to 10,000VA
- custom built to your voltages and power

Voltage Converters: DC to DC
- most popular: 250 Volt DC to 24 VDC
- full electronic protection
- Input voltage range: (12 to 280) Volts DC
- Output range: (12 to 48) Volts DC
- Capacity: models are available with
  power from 60 to 1,000 Watts
- custom built to your voltages and power

Battery Chargers
- Input voltages: 115Vac, 230Vac, 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc
- DC charging outputs: 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc
- Capacity: many models are available for
  up to 300W charging power
- custom built to your voltages and power

New Products
Akostar can modify standard products to meet your needs as a less expensive alternative to designing a new product. Or, if you are an OEM looking for something very specific, call to discuss to see what solutions we can offer. With a decade of hands on radio control and electrical controls experience we offer many innovative ideas to get the job done and your product to market quickly.