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Why use Radio?
The use of wireless RF has found many uses in commercial and industrial applications. By using wireless RF technology, Akostar offers products that include: Radio Remote Controls and Wireless I/O Communicators. Radio Controls are used to cut-the-cord, in other words.. corded control becomes cordless ! .. .. many safety and production benefits are realized when the operator can be freed from a tethered control. And for controls communications, the concept of wireless I/O (Input/Output) is to send and receive control data from one location to other(s) such as with a main control panel communicating with one or more remotely mounted I/O receiver controllers and then to have control status sent back for acknowledgement. Akostar supplies product with short, medium and long range RF communication. Short range being up to 100 feet, medium range being up to 500 feet, and long range being up to 10 miles.

Material Handling Industry Benefits
The most common application of Radio Remotes is in the material handling industry. The benefits derived from a cordless means of remote control far out weigh the initial investment. Our latest radio controls offer the security of digital technology, longer battery life, physically smaller, and most importantly greater durability with the use of microprocessor based frequency synthesization.

Increased Safety
Operators with cordless controls have complete freedom of movement and can also position for best safety.

Eliminating Downtime
By having a spare transmitter - your production keeps moving and producing, versus when a corded pendant goes down then production stops.

Saving Money
Operators have the transmitter on a carrying strap to prevent loss or damage , in contrast corded pendants are expensive to repair when operators swing pendants around obstructions or hang from them causing time consuming costly wiring repairs.

Increased Productivity
Worker productivity is increased when operators perform multiple functions such as rigging a load and spotting it for positioning, and time is saved when product can be moved faster than the worker can walk.

Bottom Line
Right from the start, we make it easy and money is saved when our radio controls are used. We will help guide you through the installation making it easy and offer many options that include pre-wired cables and plug-in connectors. Give us a try, call us to discuss what wireless controls you need.