Engineered Radio Controls Pricing

If you are looking for standard Flex Radio Remote Control systems, please return to the home page by clicking here or clicking the logo at the top. This page is for Engineered remotes.

List prices are shown below .... call in to inquire about your discount

Prices are subject to change, request a quote to hold a price for 30 days

there are pre-engineered options that can ship in 1-5 days aro, and there are engineered systems requiring the schedule of both engineering and the production Depts thereby typically 4-8 weeks 

Table of Contents

FLEX PRO Pre-Engineered Systems 




FLEX PRO Engineered Transmitters 



FLEX VUE Engineered Systems 



FLEX VUE Engineered Transmitters 



MLTX Pre-Engineered Systems 



MLTX2 Engineered Systems 



MLTX2 Engineered Transmitters 



XLTX Pre-Engineered Systems