Flex DUO Systems

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The Flex Duo is single motion control:
Hoist up/down (1-2) Speeds .... 3-relay outputs
E-Stop/main on/off (1 relay output), Horn (1-relay output)

each system will include your choice of 1 or 2 transmitter units, and
  pre-wired receiver, push button label sheet, batteries, user manual CD
 > the standard stocked RX receiver unit has a universal power supply of
     (48-220)Vac for control circuit voltages of (48, 120, 220) Volts AC,
     if you require another voltage such as 24Vac or (12, 24)Volts DC, then
     select the optional adder to have the power supply changed 

Low voltage DC
> for 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems, choose the (9-36)Vdc power supply Option
> the (9-36)Vdc system has ONLY 1-speed pushbuttons

>>> Note: that the rubber boot shown in the picture is an Optional item
Environmental Rating of this system is .... NEMA 4X, IP66
.......................... therefore; good-to-go for outdoor-applications !

We have the standard 120Vac in stock on our shelves here at Akostar !

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If you have any questions about any of the part numbers below, please give us a call.

Letter Part Number Description
A FLEX-DUO-MRX-102-1T-2S Flex Duo System - One 48-240 VAC Receiver and one transmitter with e-stop and two 2-speed pushbuttons
B FLEX-DUO-MRX-102-2T-2S Flex Duo System - One 48-240 VAC Receiver and two transmitters with e-stop and two 2-speed pushbuttons
C FLEX-DUO-TX-DECAL Flex Duo pushbutton legend sheet
D FLEX-DUO-WRISTWRAP Flex Duo wrist wrap / lanyard
E FLEX-DUO-TX-2S Flex Duo Transmitter 2-speed
F FLEX-DUO-TX-RINGHOOK Flex Duo transmitter ring hook
G FLEX-DUO-TX-BOOT Flex Duo transmitter rubber boot
H FLEX-DUO-TX-POUCH Flex Duo transmitter clear vinyl pouch
I 0-FLEX-MINI-CLIP Flex Duo Belt Clip
J FLEX-DUO-CHARGER Flex Duo Charging station with no power adapter
K FLEX-DUO-CHARGER-ACKIT Flex Duo Charging station with AC wall adapter
L Power supply change to 24VAC
M Power supply change to 9-36VDC
N 0-DWH-01 Flex Duo Wall mount bracket
O FLEX-DUO-MRX-RX-102 Flex Duo Receiver 48-240 VAC
P DUO-KH Horn installed on Receiver


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