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TANDEM Systems are for controlling 2 Overhead Bridge Cranes, either one at a time, or in Tandem meaning two cranes from one handheld TX transmitter unit ...... on just 1 handheld TX unit you can control both cranes in Tandem, and if you want to switch to just one crane then there is a rotary Selector Switch in the bottom left corner for crane 1-2-Tandem ........... each system includes 2 Dedicated TX units (meaning a TX unit that controls just One crane) ....... it is the Select TX unit that has the rotary switch for Crane selection 1-2-Tandem ....... also, if the cranes have a 2nd Hoist, then we can program an pushbutton selector for: A-B-Both  .. thereby one TX can control 4 hoists up/down or any combination ... feel free to call in and discuss

Al these systems below include 2 Dedicated TX units, 2 RX receiver units for 120Vac control circuits, and your choice of (1-2) Select TX units for 1-2-Tandem control
> model Flex-8EX2-T-01-3T:  2 Dedicated TX, 2RX, 1-Select TX units
> model Flex-8EX2-T-01-4T:  2 Dedicated TX, 2RX, 2-Select TX units
> model Flex-12EX2-T-01-3T:  2 Dedicated TX, 2RX, 1-Select TX units
> model Flex-12EX2-T-01-4T:  2 Dedicated TX, 2RX, 2-Select TX units

> Dedicated TX: handheld transmitter, controls one crane
Select TX: handheld transmitter, has selector for crane control: 1-2-Tandem
> RX receiver unit: machine mounted control unit for 120Vac control circuits

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