RX receiver units

P/N: FLEX-4EX2-RX-09 ; 191-50409-2000F
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Magnetek spare Receiver

Each spare receiver can be shipped as blank programming for you to program, or for no additional charge we will pre-program the new unit for out of box ready as a spare fully operational RX receiver unit.

Receiver power supply voltage:
The unit will come with the standard power supply of 115Vac unless you also add the option for the power supply changeout

Part Number Description
FLEX-4EX2-RX-09 Spare 4EX2 Receiver

Spare 6EX2 Receiver

FLEX-8EX2-RX-01 Spare 8EX2 Receiver
FLEX-12EX2-RX-01 Spare 12EX2 Receiver
FLEX-4EX2-RS-RX-09 Spare 4EX2-RS Receiver
FLEX-8EX2-T-RX-01 Spare 8EX2-T Receiver
FLEX-12EX2-T-RX-01 Spare 12EX2-T Receiver