TX transmitter units

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These TX units will control both Gen1 and Gen2 receiver units

TX units that will control a Generation 1 receiver will be supplied as a suffix of G1, for example if you have a model 6EX receiver, then the replacement transmitter will be this gen2 style and the model number will be 6EX2-TX-G1

Units can be shipped pre-programmed for out-of-box ready, or as Blank (for customer to program) .... pre-programming is done Free at no additional charge, to have your unit pre-programmed then provide your Sn and RF channel in the gray box, orders placed with out Sn and Ch will have Blank units shipped - Sn can be found on the back of the TX unit or on the RX unit ..... CAUTION .. be sure to your your EXACT model number, a model ending with an additional Suffix is a different model, feel free to contact us with any questions.